Create Strategic Plans, facilitate Leadership Development, Grant Writing,
Evaluations, Professional Development, and Policy Analysis

About Us:

The Masonboro Group is a professional services firm that began in 1978 by Edwin West, Jr., a superintendent of schools in Guilford County which began with Leadership Development Training on weekends. It later turned into a results based consulting firm that has extensive success rates in Grant Writing, Custom Studies and Evaluation Writing on a full time basis.

We are a team of seasoned, progressive thinkers and problem solving veterans that possess the above noted skills. Our expertise enables our firm to work with clients customizing and personalizing approaches and innovative solutions to complex problems. 

We listen to our clients. We learn the issues and then we FOCUS with:

  • F act based approaches
  • O rganizational analysis
  • C ulture & climate of organization
  • U nderstand history of issues
  • S ynthesizing information